The Masakalee Story is about the Mother-Daughter Duo of Seema & Apoorva.

Seema, the self-taught stylist with a passion for fabrics and design, founded & successfully ran a boutique for more than a decade. Apoorva grew up watching her Mumma, Seema, hone her craft, and developed a keen understanding and appreciation for Indian textiles and handicrafts.

Apoorva, a Physicist by training from Miranda House, Delhi University, took a career pivot in 2019 and Masakalee was born. What started out as an alibi for Apoorva to meet her Mom every month and travel across India with her, Masakalee grew with the love and support of our Masakalees, around the globe.

Masakalee aims to continuously explore the heartlands of India and promote works of the Indian Craftswomen and men and in the process, make an impact, in its small way to the livelihoods of these textile artists, magicians & geniuses.

Most importantly, the idea is to enjoy the journey and keep it kind & happy.

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